Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review on Professional Hair styling tool : Hana Titanium 1.5" Flatiron

Hey dolls! Review Alert!
Long over due Post 
I was sent a Professional Hair Straighter: Hana Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron to review a while back from I wanted to try it out a couple of times on my natural hair before I posted a review for my many subscribers and people who view my page randomly. I must say this Flat iron works wonders on my hair.  In the pictures below my hair was recently washed sweated out from a long night of partying then a grueling work out. 
Usually I have to run a flat iron over my locks about 6 times to get the right look. With the Hana Professional Hair Straighter, I only had to run the flatiron through my hair twice. Again Im a mixed 3B and 3C. The Hana Flatiron gave my hair a fluffy bounce and an awesome rejuvenated shine look. 
I was also able to pull off  a middle part with this flatiron, the bigger plates made it it easier to straighten out the roots along the part.
Let talk about settings it had awesome on/ off switch and unlike most high end flat irons, the Hana flatiron had an adjustable heat setting. I know how some of you girls feel about applying tons of heat to your natural hair, well Hana Professional styling tool has found a solution for you ladies (adjustable heat settings). Which is a big plus in my book, I flat ironed my hair the first round at 350 then the second round at 450 the highest setting.

Lets talk about what came in the box; again I was sent this flat iron (styling tool) this is my honest opinion.

-  Hana Titanium 1.5" flatiron w/ flatiron case
- lash curler/ e.l.f. eyeshadow and lip stick
- brush
-scented bath petals
-flat iron mat to protect surfaces from the high heat of the flatiron
- directions :) everyone needs directions



Would i recommend this to other (WOC) or women in general?
Yes, I would because it's not harsh the Titanium plates upon interaction with the hair bonds hair, refreshing brittle ends and giving the ends of hair a healthy look with shine.  Adjustable settings, easy to use and great for natural hair. Hana styling tool has a new place in hair styling collection. Go out and get yours today at  :-)

Oh yea weavinstas, anything good for my natural hair is good enough for weave so this hair is human hair friendly meaning it can be used on your weave hair ladies!

Here's a side by side before and after for you girlies and ken dolls!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hey ladies, Im back with some great news!!

I know I've been gone since forever and your probably thinking this girl doesn't have a winter wardrobe. Not the case I have been serious working really hard on my finished project!
I got a hair ventur going on, yes I'm trying the online hair business hope you guys like my facebook page and show your unconditional fashion/ hair / and beauty love for me! 

I currently have the hair in I have photos from a recent night event I went to I cannot wait to share it with all of you. I've been being lazy i had the hair Since November 4, 2012, I should've been put a welcome video, it will soon be here. But first, here is the link to my new website site check it out lovely's tell me what you think.
This is a one woman show I've been putting great efforts in and I really hope you've appreciate what I've done. I picked weaved because I really dont like applying heat to my natural hair and weave protect my hair.

The company is called Neteru's Virgin Hair Company, I'm selling 100 % virgin human hair, it can be styled colored, curled cut, not matting, no shedding.  I'm selling hair extensions; Brazilian Hair, Cambodian Hair, Peruvian Hair and Malaysian Hair.  If you like check me out, it would really mean a lot to me I'm super happy about this and I wanted to share this with my blogger family, in which you guys always support me.. Love you bunches.

Here are some hair pictures so you can see for yourself what the hair looks like. help a sista spread the word! :-) thank guys for all your support. check out the holiday bundle special  I have going on too!

For my girls that love the weaves at good and great prices here's a the holiday special link im running on 3 bundles
Its called pick your bundle so go there and pick your bundles babes!

Here's a sneak discount code for you ladies as well :-) enjoy use code: 25OFFNVHC

Discount Code: 25OFFNVHC
Company's Twitter page:

So make sure you copy and paste the links to Neteru's Virgin Hair Company to your browsers. then book my site :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Electric Green In NYC

Hey guys I went to a birthday party this weekend! I had a blast. What do you think of the neon green dress? and the Dominican Blow out? Hotness?? 
Let's talk about this beautiful dress I bought from ardenB. This store is one of my favorite stores to go shopping for sexy club dress that flatter my figure. At first I was iffy on wearing a neon green dress on the first day of fall but I said to myself "hey, if you got it flaut and work that color!" Yeah, dont mind the bootlegged stanze.

Dress Arden B.
Accessories Forever 21
Shoes: Guess

Friday, September 21, 2012

Silky Floral Rockstar

I know I've been MIA, but I've been working hectic  hours on an awesome project, I cannot wait to expose the secret! Although I have been having minor set backs, with GOD's help everything shall go smooth.
 More news in my little life I haven't gonna shopping in 2 weeks!!! Can you imagine the clothing withdrawal I'm going through?  Although, I did buy a make me feel better blazer. You've ever been feeling down in the dumps over anything; maybe a break up, loss of a friend, a huge move or fail a class? Then you walk into a store and buy an item to make you feel better? Thats what I did. 
Enough about my blazer, I'll take some pics of it later.

The look down below: This was taken on a nice mid summer transition to almost fall like weather. The shirt felt like silk and of course it's floral. the black ankle pants rockstar pants from old navy.  They fit perfectly, actually they're ankle pants which I find to be very cool, you won't believe this but those pants are my first black pants purchase in 5 years. hilarious right? I'm all about dark blue and leggings.
So, if your interested about the old navy rockstar pants they are very awesome fit, my curvy divas i highly suggest these pants, the crotch isn't high at all so you'll be fine.  I hate high crotches, so I definitely know how to pick the perfect pants

Black pants: Old Navy
Floral shirt : H&M
Bucket bag: Marshall's
flats: Target

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey, you all I been super busy lately but I havent forgotten about all the gorgeous people that entered this Giveaway! Thank you to all the participants. I loved all the feedback and everyones response to the giveaway. There will be more in the future. Enough rambling, I want to introduce you to.... Jen

She is working it in her date night wear and of course she stole my heart with her floral black wedges! 
Congratulations Jen !!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Late Night & Fabulous

Here I am Again ladies! I'm trying to keep up with my post and my new project thats in very beginning stages. Wish me luck. Also, I lost my wallet well, more like pick pocketed on the train. I'm a little mad but things happen. Enough about that check out this cool outfit I put together causal yet a head spinner. For the ladies who are skeptical when it comes to faith 21 pants, I can assure you these pants are the way to go. They dont look cheap and they feel great. I hope you see the clutch, I got it on sale at aldo. I Love that store. Enjoy this post. look out for this sunday's featured look!

Green Denim Pants Faith 21(
Floral Cropped Shirt H&M
Beige Clutch Aldo Accessories Store
Congac Wedges Targert
Earrings Sears